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Cristina Faus, Mezzosoprano, begins her musical studies in her native city, Valencia.

After obtaining a degree in Musical Education by the University of Education Science of Valencia, she starts singing studies and gets a degree with Honours in the Superior Conservatoire Joaquín Rodrigo.

After winning the Singing Competition “Toti dal monte” in Italy, playing the role of Cenerentola in G.Rossini’s opera “La Cenerentola”, she is chosen by Composer Alberto Zedda to become part of the Accademia Rossiniana of Pesaro and to play the role of Melibea in the opera “Il Viaggio a Reïms” in the Rossini Opera Festival.

She then focuses on the opera roles of G.Rossini and in general on the wide repertoire of the Italian belcanto without neglecting the main roles of the French Romanticism and the Mozart’s classic.

Specialized media have pointed out the colour and the musical phrasing of her voice. In her professional career, in addition to the opera repertoire, she also sings recital, lied, oratorio and zarzuela.